Stinky Stuff Sweet Sensation Spray Pack

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Stinky Stuff ™ Vino Amino, Stinky Stuff ™ Black Jack & Stinky Stuff™ Bullseye


The ULTIMATE choice of sweet attractants with fruit based synthetic produced amino scents.


This DISCOUNTED triple pack will give you options on the bank to adapt to the conditions you are facing on the day.


  1. With Stinky Stuff Vino Amino, this attractant is the strongest fruit based attractant on the market. It drives fruit based amino scents through the water column that any nearby fish will pick up on. Perfect for combining with fruit based baits or boilies.


  1. Stinky Stuff Black Jack pack a powerful scent of aniseed through the water column. Black Jack is an extraordinary attractant that incorporates Stinky Stuff’s base formulation with the most powerful aniseed top note in any attractant


  1. Stinky Stuff Bullseye drives a saline scent through the water column. Land locked fish will seek out saline to replace the salt content they can no longer get from the sea. Saline is very under utilised but well known for driving 50+ Carp to your hook bait. It is particularly effective in the Spring.