About Us

Stinky Stuff is a unique blend that was created to imitate the natural oils and nutrients that attract fish to feed. Stinky Stuff has been in development for the past two years. Starting from a concept of breaking down other baits and finding the core amino acid from each bait that was attracting fish to feed, we also looked at the natural environments of fish, natural food sources and circumstances that trigger a fish to feed.

These circumstances are not always associated with the actual food or bait, they might be climate or other chemical and nutrients in the water. All of this information was collated into a database, now locked away in safe.

Once we knew what attracts the fish, we had to work hard to combine them in a bait which not only attracted them but also stimulated them to feed. This was not an easy process and each formulation had to be tested multiple times before it was deemed fit for purpose. It took a lot of trial and error but we got there in the end!

A little bit of science is needed to explain what’s in a glug, dip & additive. When you look at many other glugs, dips and additives on the market, you will notice that once they have settled, you get a different colour for different levels of liquid in the bottle. This is because the mix is blended. In simple terms, the ingredients are put in a jar and stirred like a cup of tea.

In our tests, we found that the attractants were still separated, in much the same way you'd find them in a bottle. This is just the case with blended additives once they're in the water; their molecules quickly separate from each other.

Our goal for this additive was based on 3 things, an attractive amino acid so that it tastes good to the fish, a chemical make up that spread effectively through the water to draw the fish in and most importantly a property that stimulates fish to feed.

How did we create a product that would keep every molecule active? Well, to ensure everything was mixed evenly, we made sure it was a liquid and not powder. We also had to mix at very specific temperatures and be incredibly careful as some compounds lost their properties if heated. Obviously, this is difficult when you are working with a huge amount of different ingredients.

One of the other attributes we wanted to achieve was finding a formulation that would stick to bait or terminal tackle. Once we had the right formulation, we started to focus on this.

We were constantly back and forth to various coarse fisheries both match and specimen, the rivers and onwared to the shoreline and charter boats for the Sea Anglers.

Back to the laboratory, we focussed Katrina and her team on an adhesion property. She advised us to look at other products that achieved such a property and thats where we thought of Deodorant!

We had to be careful because at the start of this project we had all agreed to ensure the product was aquatically safe. Katrina worked in the lab for different treatments of the compound and the rest of the team started to research how Deodorants worked.


Combining the adhesion property with being aquatically safe was not easy, but we were delighted to achieve it. We also found another attribute to our product along the way, which was improving the Hygroscopic nature of bait.

Hygroscopic is the ability of a substance to absorb a liquid.

With the sheer velocity of the Stinky Stuff coming out of the Aerosol can and the fine molecules it is creating, it impregnates the bait, rather than just sticking to the surface, like it would if you dipped it into a glug.

We now had the perfect combination, a bait that was sticky and a way of impregnating the bait.

During tests we found out the Stinky Stuff would remain on baits that had been in the water for more than three hours.

Many people have asked during our trials, how we know it will still be on the bait after such a long time and the test we used was somewhat amusing.

We asked people to hold their hands out, whilst applying a couple of drop onto them. We then asked them to rub their hands together. People were phoning us up 3 days later, saying:

"I've scrubbed my hands, I must have washed them a hundred times and I can still smell it. How do I get it off?"

The Aerosol can is unique in the way it has been put together, specially constructed to ensure the end product is aquatically safe.

The name Stinky Stuff came from people asking "what's that Stinky Stuff" when we were trialling it. An observation from our trials is that although the smell is not unpleasant, it is distinct.

The core compound across all of the Stinky Stuff range is the same, however as we evolve through 2013 you will see other flavours released, in balance with attractive properties for that particular genre of fishing.

We have used anglers from all genres of fishing from Coarse to Specimen, Game and Sea Angling. We have used pleasure anglers and top match anglers, even England Internationals.

The specimen hunters have been really positive in their feedback and the Sea Anglers have been very excited on the difference this product has made to their fishing, paticually putting down big scent trails in venues such as the Bristol Channel.

Our intention is not to ram the scientific approach down anyones throat, however we are proud of what we have achieved. We welcome all feedback 'good or bad' as it is from this that we collate information to take back for further product development.

We have every confidence that Stinky Stuff is a real innovation in the angling world that does stimulate fish to feed and hope you have very success in using it.