Stinky Stuff Power Scent Spray Pack

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Stinky Stuff ™ Original, Stinky Stuff ™ Black Jack & Stinky Stuff™ Spicy Sweetcorn

The ULTIMATE choice of POWERFUL attractants with the strongest possible scents we’ve ever produced.


This DISCOUNTED triple pack will give you options on the bank to adapt to the conditions you are facing on the day.


  1. Stinky Stuff Spicy Sweetcorn is exactly what it says. The spice and blended corn creates an attractant that passing fish through the water column cannot miss.


  1. Stinky Stuff Black Jack packs a powerful scent of aniseed through the water column.


  1. Stinky Stuff’s staple Original with Pheromones and Amino scents will drive through the water column tracking fish to search out your hook bait. Stinky Stuff Original is well renowned as the King of Bait Additives!