Stinky Stuff 5 x Spray Multi Pack

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BIG VALUE – Stinky Stuff’s 5 Pack

1 x Stinky Stuff Original™, 1 x Stinky Stuff Bubblegum Cream™, 1 x Stinky Stuff Black Jack™, 1 x Stinky Stuff Peeler Crab™, 1 x Stinky Stuff Spicy Sweetcorn™

The top anglers always have options available on the bank to suit the changing atmospheric conditions, water temperatures or the way a water is fishing.


We all know fish can change their preferences at any time of the year, which is where our individual water craft comes into play.


The versatility of the Stinky Stuff Spray range means you can adapt your fishing on every cast with a blast of spray from one of our cans. The different flavours use different pheromones and aminos that will align to different behaviours of the fish under the water.


What better way to be able to easily adapt by having a full range of the strongest scents in the fishing bait industry.


This discounted 5 pack gives you the ultimate choice on the bank incorporating

 1. Stinky Stuff’s staple Original with Pheromones and Amino scents will drive through the water column tracking fish to search out your hook bait. Stinky Stuff Original is well renowned as the King of Bait Additives!

 2. Stinky Stuff Black Jack pack a powerful scent of aniseed through the water column. Black Jack is an extraordinary attractant that incorporates Stinky Stuff’s base formulation with the most powerful aniseed top note in any attractant

 3. Stinky Stuff Bubblegum Cream incorporates on of the mysteries of Stinky Stuff’s Spray Additive Range. Not consistent with anything natural you would expect Carp to want to eat, over the summer months, during testing the sweet aroma landed some huge Carp over the Summer period. Carp anglers then continued to have success on it year after year. It is also renowned at attracting Catfish for those after the monsters of the water.

 4. Stinky Stuff Spicy Sweetcorn is exactly what it says. The spice and blended corn creates an attractant that passing fish through the water column cannot miss.

 5. The final addition is a choice of Crayfish which fish associate with a natural food source they know is a protein treat.