Stinky Stuff LPA 3 x Jar

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3 x 100ml Jar

LPA from Stinky Stuff is a highly viscous, sticky formulation that contains Stinky Stuff’s unique marine balanced chemical attractants with a food content trace that is packed with Lysine which is an essential Protein Amino acid that fish actively seek out.

The thick and gloopy formulation means LPA can be wrapped around a boilie, lead, or PVA bag and you can be sure it will hit the deck of the bottom of the water before it starts to leak its attractant properties through the water column drawing in fish ever closer to your hook, while the fish is seeking the source of the Lysine.

This powerful attractant has landed Carp all over the UK, Europe, and beyond with many PB’s reported when it is used alongside our other Stinky Stuff bait sprays.

Why is Lysine important for fish?

Scientific research from marine biologists has shown that Lysine helps fish to absorb calcium and to maintain healthy blood vessels. When consuming Lysine, fish produce antibodies, enzymes, collagen, and repairs of tissues and therefore the Amino acid is an essential food substance for fish health. Finally, Lysine help’s a fish’s digestion by producing carnitine which helps to convert fatty acids into energy and maintain cholesterol in the blood. With this in mind, you can see why fish always investigate Stinky Stuff’s LPA.

The viscosity of LPA can be lowered (made runnier) by warming it in hot water. With this in mind, the brush in the jar comes in hand for anglers that might want to paint onto baits and terminal tackle, rather than wrapping it around like a paste.