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Stinky Base Formula Apex Pack

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1 x Stinky Base Formula 1Litre

1 x Stinky Stuff Original

1 x Lysine Protein Amino

 1. Stinky Base Formula (SBF) is made up of the base formula used as the complex compound bait additive in all Stinky Stuff Products. SBF is a liquid that can be used for spodding, in stick mixes, PVA bags, or as a glug for soaking boilies or other baits. To create the perfect fish attracting properties one of the super concentrated Stinky Stuff sprays is recommended to give your baits or terminal tackle a blast before casting. SBF will attract fish to your swim with it’s complex compounds, pheromones and key aminos.

 2. Combining this with a Stinky Stuff Original Spray means that you have a release of attractant across the water bed, but also a combined release with the strongest scent through the water column. Stinky Stuff Original Spray will latch itself to baits, PVA bags or Terminal Tackle, which means you have the best Amino release any angler can hope for.

 3. Stinky Stuff Lysine Protein Amino is a very complex make up of Lysine with Stinky Stuff’s core compound. Anglers have used this sticky, thick substance to wrap around leads or around PVA bags with devastating effect. This means you have the ability of release 1 across bed of Lysine and then release 2 of the solid baits in the PVA bag which have hopefully been soaked in Stinky Base Formula. Topping this with a blast of Stinky Stuff Original across all your tackle before casting will create an UNBELIEVABLE amino scent trail.


Discounted range as a special offer from Stinky Fishing.